Rivers the green army disbanded early warning was disappointed in Anji

Rivers: the green army disbanded early warning disappointed with Anji in September 6th, according to new England sports news network reported, this summer, many gram – Rivers left the Boston Celtics to speed up the reconstruction process. The Celtics general manager Danny – Anji has publicly said leave Lvshan army is Rivers’s personal decision, but Rivers spoke frankly that Anji did not speak the truth, Cheap MLB Jerseys, and hope to clarify the matter. Between Rivers and the Boston Celtics had left 3 year contract worth $21000000. But in the end, the Celtics decided to let go of the service manager. Subsequently, Rivers signed with the Losangeles clippers. In announcing Rivers officially left the news conference, Danny of Anji had said: (the Clippers) and I’m not his choice of place, nor I want him. Recently by TD to return to Boston Garden to participate in charitable activities of the opportunity, Rivers hope for this clarification. To be honest, I feel very disappointed in some words of Danny in the press conference said. In addition, not a personal vendetta between him and me. Danny should know, that is not true. Rivers emphasizes at the same time, Wholesale Cheap Jerseys From China, leave the Boston Celtics and turned to the clippers is between him and the Anji agreement. Therefore when heard the words of Anji, Rivers felt unfair. In addition, he also said that his departure is just a part of the Celtic people in rebuilding plans. With the exit of Rivers, the Celtics immediately launched a reconstruction plan, and Brooklyn nets completed a blockbuster deal. At about the deal, Rivers says his former love Garnett to abandon the transaction veto a no surprise. I just think it’s a very difficult decision for him. Then he said, if the KG has a disadvantage of the body, is that he was not willing to let others to truly know him, and he hates change, because he is a very loyal person. But when I left, Paul (Pearce) to go, Jason – Terry also want to go, he will have more reason to make this decision. He doesn’t want to go, but he knew it would be the Danny (Anji) want results. Danny wants the team reconstruction, so KG should think I made the right decision. He will join the new team was very excited, and believe that they have a chance to beat the Miami Heat team in the east. Rivers said. In December 12th this year, Rivers will lead the Clippers away against Celtic, and this is also the Clippers in the new season regular season only trip to boston. Do not know the Celtics fans will use what way to greet the brought in team history seventeenth total champion awarding cup to Celtic meritorious coach.

Cuban cursed the rocket Warcraft hope Houston worse.

Cuban cursed the rocket Warcraft hope Houston more was better in November 1st, according to ESPN, while the NBA of the new season has been opened, but the Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban is still on this summer lost “demon animal” and to heart. Until today, he still thinks that Howard chose to join the Rockets is a mistake. “Obviously,Wholesale Jerseys this is his error in judgment.” Cuban said today in an interview, “I could blame him? No, young people are always easy to judge fault.” This summer, a total of five teams joined the “world of Warcraft battle”, the Mavericks and rocket in which. Cuban later said, he thinks that Howard should have decided to join the rockets and James harden together. Although the core Dirk Mavericks Nowitzki was 35 years old, but Cuban felt from your age to consider the problem is very stupid. “Ultimately, you select the team, not the players.” He explained his point of view, “if he made the decision to choose one player is based on, so he made a mistake. You need to choose is the team, management and coaches. It has nothing to do with the Houston rockets, but personally I see the problem. Because if he is good enough, then you should choose the most suitable team.” “Ca Dwight did not talk about any one of the young stars, want to change team, Wholesale Jerseys Cheap if he is good enough, so the most suitable for his team will try to build the team around him. So it is not that you want a partner and who. If you’re good enough, and the team have enough cap space, then they will be equipped with the best players in your side.” For Howard finally chose to join the Rockets, Nowitzki is no blame meaning. “Rocket is obviously a rising team, Parsons is a phenomenal player, is making progress; and attack the basket and the ability to score, harden is one of the league’s most outstanding.” It is worth mentioning that, Cuban in early 7 and Howard started before the meeting always think Dallas his little hope, but he obviously felt the “world of Warcraft” tend to rocket. But after the meeting, Cuban suddenly felt the opportunity to increase. There is also the same feeling Nowitzki. “I really think the meeting the great at the time, but the problem is that they (Howard and his team) and did not reveal any idea.” Nowitzki recalls, “during the meeting, they had to go out to have a period of time, then came back and asked us some questions. We truthfully answer, and Cuban in the Mavericks link performance is wonderful and I think. So I think we are well prepared.” “If you ask the other three teams (except the rocket) representatives, their reaction may also like us. In short the meeting to let a person produce some misunderstanding, but we try our best, but did not succeed finally.” Tomorrow, the Mavericks will be in the away game challenge team rocket. Before the battle, Cuban still did not forget to air hit slobber war. “I still like this.

The forest wolf closer Pekovic rare not team man

The forest wolf closer Pekovic rare not team man in August 13th, according to The Associated Press reported, although the Minnesota Timberwolves and center Nicola – Pekovic’s contract negotiations have lasted more than a month, but this does not diminish the team general manager Philip – Saunders’s confidence. Disclose according to him, the current negotiations between the two sides have made substantial progress, Ball Fans Jerseys and is expected to reach an agreement within the week. “We are moving in a positive direction.” Saunders said, earlier reports said, the forest wolf provides a 4 year $48000000 contract for Pekovic. As Pekovic is a restricted free agent, the Timberwolves to match any offers from other teams. But as time goes on, it seems Pekovic is very difficult from the other team to get a higher price. Since since entering the NBA, Pekovic has been playing in the forest wolf. Last season, the team’s starting center, a total of 62 appearances, averaged occupation career high 16.3 points and 8.8 rebounds. In addition to having good low post offense, his defensive ability has also been underestimated. The Timberwolves are actually very eager to leave him. This offseason, Ball Fans Jerseys Pekovic stayed at home and actively preparing for the European championship. But because the contract has not done, but also to avoid injury, he recently had to opt out of the euro. “I believe that he (Pekovic) know the current situation and the strength of the team, as well as the summer signings, this is a team full of positive energy in the team.” Saunders said, “I believe that we can reach a consensus between each other.” It is reported, Saunders and Pekovic’s agent Geoff Schultz had a direct meeting, and we hope to reach the agreement. But in view of the current and no other competitors involved, so the wolves are not very worried. “Geoff and I are communication smoothly.” Saunders then said, “but so far, we are still in some problems which can’t agree. But I think we are making progress towards a right direction.”